Safe removals – tips

1. Preparing cartons for larger items.

  • Prepare cartons from strong cardboard and cut in them openings for palms

2. Plastic bags for underwear and clothing

  • Plastic bags will allow for safe transport of clothing, underwear, shirts and everything from the wardrobe.

3. Wheeled bags for very heavy items.

  • For items like books, analogue CDs, and DVDs and other small but heavy items

4. Preparing the washing machine for transport

  • Disconnecting the water and drain, unscrew the filter and empty the washing machine from the water, and then dry it. Secure wash machine by immobilizing drum.

5. Preparation of the refrigerator for transport

  • Defrost the fridge, wash it and dry it, and then secure its movable elements before moving

6. Plates, glasses and cups.

  • Plates, glasses and cups pack into tight cartons, translate them with plastic plates or wrap them individually in towels, napkins or wrapping in paper.
    All items we should pack so tightly as possible to prevent them from moving in a carton.


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