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If you a need House Clearance in London then you have come to the right place and no matter what your requirements we can help you with every kind your rubbish but many from customer who visit this website they looking for not only right rubbish removal service but they interesting to read some news from areas where they are living and we decide to share some useful information and news with customers and just we start our Blog.

Our Blog we would like start from general but important for customers information that all work done is invoiced, receipted and insured. We Clear Everything care about natural environment and we recycle over 85% of all waste generated from our clearances. This is very good result if compare with others clearence teams in London.
All our waste is disposed of at London HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Centre) site or other licensed CA sites in London and around.

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October 2019

Removals – a short guide

Most of us associate removals with stress, fatigue and mess. Unnecessarily.
Moving does not have to be stressful if we get to do it with earlier prepared plan.
Here in this short text we would like give you some tips on how to organize your removals in the least onerous way possible.
On start you should remember that you have two choices.
You can arrange the removal yourself or with a moving company.
Before you take this decission you should estimate how many things you have to take with you.
How much and what is the furniture, how many books and CDs (converted into cartons).
It can be estimated that over 20 midium sized cartons are needed for a 2-room flat.
This information will be important not only when packing but also when valuing the move.
By the way, it’s worth cleaning up your belongings and deciding which ones to throw away and which ones to take to new home.
If we use a moving company, all this information will be important to be able to choose the right car and the number of people to help with removals.
It may happen that an inaccurate or changed at the last minute list of things will cause great unpleasantness and additional costs. That’s why remeber to pay big attention to give right information for removals agency.


Complete a set of cardboard boxes and plastic bags or use the ones provided by the moving company.
Currently, many companies have it in their offer. Everything possible can be packed in cartons, because it greatly facilitates not only the arrangement and organization of things, but also the transport itself.
Books and CDs should be packed in moderation. Too heavy cardboard may tear.
Electronic equipment and glass, e.g. dishes, must be additionally secured with bubble wrap. Carton with such items must also be additionally marked, e.g. “Attention glass!”
Pack the glass, porcelain, etc. separately. It’s best to wrap these things in bubble wrap or wrapping paper or newspapers.
Household appliances such as refrigerators or freezers must be thawed. From all this type of equipment it is necessary to remove moving parts: shelves, grilles, drawers. The equipment can be additionally secured with foil.
Plants are best transported in specially marked boxes with holes so that the flowers have something to breathe.
Large furniture must also be carefully secured: close the drawers, stick the keys to the correct furniture, remove all moving parts, e.g. glass shelves in the sideboard.
If you’re planning on transporting antiques, it’s best to choose a company that has experience in this. A specialist in this field will draw up a list of valuable things and will be responsible for their safety.
If you have non-standard furniture, e.g. a huge mirror or piano, let the transport company know about it.
You can cover the mirror with an “X” tape.



How to choose a moving company?

You can look for the right company in a classic way – by calling companies, sending emails, ask friends and etc. You can also save yourself time and stress by placing an ad on or other similar service and wait who will call to you..
If we prefer to organize and check everything ourselves, it is worth paying attention, first of all, to whether the company has a license to conduct its activities and appropriate insurance.
The carrier is obliged to take out special liability insurance in transport. Protection usually includes liability for loss or damage of entrusted goods caused by the carrier.
If you are looking for a company to relocate internationally, it must also have additional liability insurance for the carrier in international traffic.
An additional advantage of the company will be the type of third party insurance and removal insurance, which provides protection even in the event of theft.

Help with moving things

When looking for the right company, it’s good to remember that a transport company is not the same as a removals company.
It is also necessary to indicate whether it is about the transport of goods (car with driver) or help with loading.
Efficient communication is the most important thing. On the customer’s side, this means: accurate description of the list of items to be transported and their expectations from the moving company, e.g. packing things, bringing things, etc. The valuation of a removal will be valid addresses and dates of loading and unloading, how many people will be needed to help, etc. Very it is important to know if there is an elevator in the building. In addition to transport, it is worth having a moving company: disassembly / assembly of furniture as well as loading and unloading of property.


Some companies apply an hourly rate, some at a kilometer rate.
Important: Check you have to pay for the return route of the car or not. Some companies ask about that.
Good luck!


October 2019

How to organize mattress transport?

Are you moving and need to transport the mattress?
You can do it safely on your own if you have big car or you can order professionals from removals company..
The best way to transport a mattress always depends on its type and dimensions, but always remember that any type of mattress should not be bent during transport.

If you buy a new mattress, the store will deliver it to your home for an additional fee and the store will ensure its safe transport.

If you’re moving, there are ways to transport your mattress safely and efficiently. How to do it? Just remember this three points and your mattress will move to new flat safetly.
– ask someone for help to take mattress to car due to the large dimensions of the mattress
– you should wrap the entire mattress with foil to protect it from damage and dirty in transit
– remember to transport the mattress flat

If you decide to use professionals you should remeber that the price for transporting the mattress depends on the distance to be pierced.



September 2019

TV set’s removal by the experts


Every month in London a lot of peoples trading up TV set and always they stay with question what to do with old TV.
Old or new generation TV but always its big, dusty and heavy hard to move somewhere.
At We Clear Everything our experts have good knowlegde and experience what to do with old or new generation TV set.
We know how to dispose of your old TV set to recycling.
Televisions and monitors are one of the most common items we find when we come to house clearance jobs in London.
Always we need to have plan where to send your TV set to recysling.
Old televisions and computer monitors are hazardous waste by UK and EU regulations and they must be professional recycled.
We Clear Everything co-work with recycling centers where all televisions and monitors undergo the most comprehensive recycling process.
What will happen there to your old TV reciver?
Experts from Recycling Center they know that every single part can be reused or recycled. The plastics are recycled into new products, main boards are smelted to recover valuable metals.
From cables are recovered copper and plastics.
The glass is treated with for reuse in Screens and Monitors.

TV Removal And Recycling is not so difficult if you order true experts who know where to send your old TV set.
At We Clear Everything we know well what to do with old TV set and monitors.
Simply contact us and our customer service will arrange a convenient time for you and us to come and collect your old TV reciver.
We Clear Everything provide TV disposal in line the UK and EU regulations.
In addition to TV removal we can also remove computers, printers and another electronic and electrical appliances.


tv removals


August 2019


Unwanted furniture disposal


Everyone of us from time to time ask themselves a question how to get rid of furniture we don’t want any more. Whether they are in good condition or damaged or completely useless.

Disposal of any unwanted furniture doesn’t have to be a hassle or nightmare.

Once you make a decision you don’t want something you have choice what to do with it. You can sell, donate or recycle your unwanted piece of furniture with ease.

Donating furniture to your local second-hand shop or charity is a great idea.

While getting rid of furniture you are helping out your chosen organisation. Some charities offer free collection service which is always a bonus, just call them and arrange a date.

Recycling is the best way of getting rid of unwanted furniture that is damaged or no longer in use instead letting it go to waste. Every area have services that will help you. It can be collecting a furniture off a curb side on designated days or just paying recycling centre to collect your broken piece. To find out contact your local authorities.

Selling your unwanted furniture if it is in good condition is another option.

Just clean your furniture, take picture of it from variety of angles, write a description, decide on a price and advertise it for example in your local supermarket, on an online market place or put it up for auction at an auction house. If you want to quickly get rid of furniture give it away for free.

Process of furniture disposal can be easier with help of professionals like removal companies, local council or just a friend.





How to find the right house clearance service?


House clearance industry these days is full of many different companies and it’s difficult to decide which one is best for you.

That’s why always check the following aspects:

  • how long the company exist on the market, it’s always better to go with well established and experienced company
  • do they offer free quote just over the phone or they visit your property ( some companies even offer video surveys)
  • what sort of payments do the house clearance service accept (common payment methods include cash, cheques, bank transfer)
  • if the service has valid license for waste disposal and is registered with Environment Agency (it’s required by law), it’s also worth to check if they have license for hazard items
  • do they have insurance (in case of any accidents)
  • find out about their complaints policy
  • what sort of vehicle they are using
  • how long will it take the company to finish the process of clearance
  • does the company offer part house clearance or only full house clearance
  • how many per cent from clearance goes to recycling
  • do the company cooperate with local charities

While looking for the right company start by narrowing down the list to your closest area and then compare all other options.

Another good idea is checking comparison sites and the customers reviews.

Once you have chosen your clearance company it is helpful to send them brief list that contain specific information about items in your house. For example if you have any big wardrobes or large furniture that may need to be dismantled, very heavy or difficult to move things etc.

Clearance and small scale removals

As you are checking house clearance services you may notice that many of the companies also offer small scale removal services.

Most removal services help individuals and companies to transport their belongings when moving to a new property. The prices are tailored specially to clients needs.

The most common service supplies you with a removal van with a crew and includes travelling. Some of them offer extra services such as packing, dismantle and assembling furniture and even storage.

Whether you are looking for house clearance or removal company always check most important aspects for you, it’s not only the attractive price and quick service that matter the most. Quality, experience and reliable service is what you need!

The best house clearance service will provide you with complete piece of mind as well as reduce stress and take away the hassle that house clearances can cause.

All of these suggestions for perfect house clearnce service in London are met by We Clear Everything,

house and officeclearance in London

June 2019 

Climate change and ways to reduce plastic

The effects of climate change we see every year more and more.
Now we have to take decision, what we can change in our style of life to reduce negative effects of climate for our life.
If we will late with this decission can be to late for us.
What we are currently experiencing in our daily lives.
Rising temperatures
Changing sea levels and temperatures of water
Extreme weather – big storms, drought, floods, torndo, cyclones and another extrems.
What we can to do in this situation?
First of all we can reduce our consumption and in our everydays style of life. We can eliminate or reduce plastic from our life, this is first step. To do it we no need to pay any costs, just only think before we buy something.
Everyday while our work we see kilograms unnecessary plastics.
What we can to do to reduce plastic in our life?

We want to present some ways to reduce plastic in our daily lives.
1. Use only multi-use bags made of bio-degradable materials
2. Opt out of disposable plastic cutlery.
3. Do not buy any disposable straws.
4. Give up plastic cups for tea and coffee
5. Do not buy vegetables and fruits packed in plastic bags. Use own multi use bag.
6. Do not buy liquid soap in a plastic container
7. Do not use plastic containers. Replace them with glass containers
8. Use a reusable bottle. Do not buy water in small plastic bottles.
9. Use trash bags made of biodegradable materials

Do not wait until tomorrow, but start today.


plastic cubs waste


March 2019


Safe removals – tips


1. Preparing cartons for larger items.

  • Prepare cartons from strong cardboard and cut in them openings for palms

2. Plastic bags for underwear and clothing

  • Plastic bags will allow for safe transport of clothing, underwear, shirts and everything from wardrobe.

3. Wheeled bags for very heavy items.

  • For items like books, analogue CDs, and DVDs and other small but havy items

4. Preparing the washing machine for transport

  • Disconnecting the water and drain, unscrew the filter and empty the washing machine from the water, and then dry it. Secure washmachine by immobilizing drum.

5. Preparation of the refrigerator for transport

  • Defrost the fridge, wash it and dry it, and then secure its movable elements before moving

6. Plates, glasses and cups.

  • Plates, glasses and cups pack into tight cartons, translate them with plastic plates or wrap them individually in towels, napkins or wrapping in paper.
    All items we should pack so tightly as possible to prevent them from moving in a carton.


removals london


February 2019



Recycling and house clearance – perfect match

The only way is to recycle

According to the recently published data, British households threw 22 million tons of waste just in 2018. This number compared with the filling up dump sites, is alarming. Even though China was willing to import any amount of rubbish to recycle, they have recently decided not to accept low quality material anymore. For this and for many more reasons, recycling has never been as important as it is now. Therefore, we will try to explain what recycling is; what its challenges are and last but not least we will mention house clearance companies as an example of good recycling practice.

What is recycling?

It is common knowledge that recycling is a process of obtaining new materials from waste or converting them into new objects. Basically, instead of being kept on the landfill, rubbish is transformed and reused. It is worth mentioning that reusable waste falls under one of the following categories: glass, paper, plastic, tires, textiles, or electronics. Because of that, recycling is strictly connected with the process known as waste sorting, which usually takes place in the households.

What does the process look like?

The main and ideal premise behind recycling is the production of new materials and products out of waste. This process starts at the place where rubbish is generated, by collecting and sorting it. The policy of rubbish sorting differs across the boroughs and depends on the companies providing waste collection service, but there is a common practice to provide the users with 4 different collection categories (plastic, glass, paper, and biodegradable waste). When it comes to textiles, they are usually collected by organizations such as Salvation Army, which later on send over collected clothes to be reused or recycled. Electrical items, on the other hand, are often collected by local authorities or at the retailers.

How challenging it is?

One might ask: “What might possibly go wrong with recycling?”. It is pure logic, you’ve got trash, you transform it, and you’ve got another thing to use. End of the story. It looks really good on paper but putting it into practice verifies this seemingly seamless process very quickly. There are plenty of challenges ahead of recycling, starting with mentality, via waste classification and technology.


Mentality can be the biggest problem to overcome when introducing recycling regulations. People generally are used to certain way of living and introducing new habits in everyday life can be a tall order. Everyone who lost weight knows how difficult it was to resign from the food they were used to and replacing it with healthy options. The problem with rubbish collection is similar – to deal with it we need to stop throwing everything into one bin, so replace one habit with another. It really takes time and effort first of all. What is more, people need to understand why they should be doing this, which is not that obvious they will accept. Therefore, the authorities are introducing some legal regulations to make people feel the direct impact of waste collection on their lives. The arguments of greater good of the whole planet, though true, often don’t speak to people’s sensitivity as they cannot link them directly to their lives.

What to sort and what not to sort?

Another big problem for residents and companies collecting waste is the classification of the collected rubbish and the way it should be processed before sorting. “Is this paper or plastic?” – this question has probably crossed the mind of everyone who was trying to dispose of juice container. Or: “where shall I throw in this can?” Companies dealing with waste collection try to specify what sort of garbage fits in to the specific container, but some cases are still arguable. What is more, people are often misled when it comes to the way they should prepare the rubbish before throwing them away. Not everyone knows that paper that is greasy or wet often doesn’t qualify as a reusable material. In addition it can contaminate the rest of the bin’s contents so that it is no longer eligible for reusing. Another important question is whether one should clean the packages before putting them into the bin or not. The answer to this question is again ambiguous: you can, but you don’t need to. It is recommended to rinse the packages for variety of reasons. It is more hygienic and makes it more pleasant to store the garbage at home, and makes work of people sorting garbage much more pleasant. In addition, the garbage prepared in this way is more likely to be recycled than the one that wasn’t cleaned beforehand. There are advantages of cleaning the packages before throwing them away but it is not obligatory and legally regulated which introduces a bit of confusion.

Technological problems

Recycling doesn’t only mean sorting rubbish but also production of energy out of waste. The process is conducted at special plants where biodegradable materials or plastics are converted into electricity or fuels such as methane, methanol or ethanol. Electricity and fuels are obtained in the process of combustion the side effect of which and main concern related to the method is production of carbon dioxide. Bearing in mind the rates of carbon dioxide emission imposed by the European Union, it is easy to understand that producing energy out of waste isn’t again a flawless process solving out the problem of full landfills.


recycling london


House clearance as an example of good recycling practice

House clearance is a service which helps people manage their rubbish or get rid of the belongings they no longer need. This trend has popped up a few years ago and it seems to have found a niche in the market, basing on the interest the consumers have in this kind of business. Waste removal companies help clean the house before its sale, support people who don’t have time for cleaning or these who suffer from compulsive hoarder syndrome. The range of the junk they deal with is quite wide, and it includes:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes, fabric
  • Wet waste
  • Books, magazines
  • And many more

How does it work?

Waste removal company, to be entitled to take care of removing waste from the customer’s property, should be approved by the Environment Agency and have the license. It is the first thing to check, while choosing a company to clean your house. It is also advisable to check their policy of dealing with waste. Majority of the companies try to minimize the number of items just thrown away, and might want to buy some belongings from you, in order to reuse them later. Items not qualifying for purchase are taken away and handed in to the organizations that deal with them. For this reason it is so beneficial for the environment that we use the service of such companies when getting rid of the household trash. They will take care of the rubbish in a professional way, making sure most of it gets second life. Many companies don’t need to visit your property before estimating the effort and cost of the clearance – the conversation on the phone will be enough, however, if the cleaning process is more demanding and more complicated it might involve someone from the company visiting you. The price differ basing on the amount of rubbish thrown away, the distance between the removal car and the front door, whether there is a lift or stairs, and many more.


recyling for us



Janury 2019

How to organize the removals

Moving is not easy but just follow our advice and your removals will stressless.

Here are some tips from an removals company in London – We Clear Everything:

  • Prepare boxes, sacks and containers – Before packing, make sure you have the right amount of boxes. It is also good to have a sign of what you need, but also transport.
  • Mark glass and delicate items. All elements of deletion are packed in additional bubble foils, newspapers.
  • Plan dates – determining the time of packaging, transport and unpacking will greatly simplify your organization. If you want to take a few days off – plan your holidays in advance.
  • Give separate tasks between family members – a plan.
  • Start emptying and cleaning from one room and do not start another until the first one is clean.
  • Do not save on transport – if you want to move to the place without problems, do not put everything into your car.
  • Ask for help from professionals. Moving companies with extensive experience will result in the transport being carried out as planned.
  • Do not take any rubbish or unwanted items with you – do not use them anymore. Give old clothes for charity, throw away the broken equipment.
  • Do not delay deleting until the last minute. Do not put off the packaging and cleaning, because it can cause unnecessary nerves and misunderstandings

The issue of organizing traffic. Only small engagement and everything goes well, without any problems and without unpleasant surprises.



December 2018

Global Warming

From ten or more years many people in many countries feel unsure about the future. Their unsure feeling is about climate changing on the Earth.
Peoples are worried about Global Warming, Hurricanes, pollution and Earthquakes.
Among them are groups who are really angry but think reasonable and make deep analyse of global situation and try to change present situation.

That group of peoples hope that stilll not too late to stop or reduce bad climate effect.
Every year we see that rising sea levels and Global Warming.

Why? Because of human action, industry and human who need more and more energy, Oil Industry and first of all growing up CO2 emissions. Everyday everyone rising global CO2 emission.

What can we do about this CO2 problem ?
Specialists and the media tells us and teach us what to do in this situation.

First of all we should make analyse what to do in our home to reduce CO2 emission.

  • Reducing using plastic in our life.
  • Segregating garbage in our home.
  • To rubbish clearance from our home we should order only company who more than 90% garbage send to recycling.
  • In everydays life we should pay big attention about using water.
  • Food and another products we should buy only as much as we really need.

No matter what happens we should do our best for climate and for next generations.Let’s all think about future and our childern before you throw garbage or using water without limit, we only hurt our future when we do that.Now is a time to work with each other for climatet.


Christmas 2018. Enjoy the magical festive period

Time going so fast and agin we have Christmas season.
As every year our team We Clear Everything would like recommend for you few good and famous Christmas Markets in London.
1. Winter Wonderland Christmas Market

  • Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, open every day from Friday 23 November 2018 until Sunday 6 January 2019. Free to enter.

2. Southbank Centre Winter Market

  • Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX. Open from Friday 9 November until Thursday 27 December 2018. Free entry.

3. Christmas market in Leicester Square

  • Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA. Open from Friday 9 November 2018 until Sunday 6 January 2019. Closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Free entry.

4. Greenwich Christmas Festival

  • Old Royal Naval College, King William Walk, London SE10 9NN. Free entry.

5. Christmas by the River at London Bridge City

  • London Bridge City, 2A More London Riverside, London SE1 2DB. Open from Thursday 29 November 2018 until Wednesday 2 January 2019. Free entry.

6. Winterville Market

  • Clapham Common, Windmill Dr, London SW4 9DE. Open from Thursday 15 November until Sunday 23 December. Free entry for under 16s at all times. Adults go free on Tuesdays. £2 on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, £2 after 12pm and £5 after 6pm on Friday and Saturday.

7. Pear Tree Café Christmas Fair

  • Lakeside Cafe, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ. Open on weekends of 01-02 and 08-09 December between 11am – 5pm on Saturdays and 10am – 5pm on Sundays.

8. Kingston Christmas Market

  • Kingston-upon-Thames town centre, Greater London. Free entry. Open from Thursday 15 November until Monday 31 December.


christmas 2018


CLIMATE SUMMIT: COP24 . Katowice, December 2018

From 2 december until 14 December International conference COP24 is held in the Polish city of Katowice.
This most recent Summit is key with regards to planning the instruments that empower atmosphere objectives to be handled and accomplished adequately and effectively.

Three years on from the signing of the Paris Agreement, the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change will meet in Katowice, Poland. On this meeting they carry out the first global stocktaking of how the national commitments made thus far match up to the globally agreed goals limiting global warming to signficantly less than two degrees. Regions, cities and towns the world over have a large role to play in closing the gap between national level pledges and necessary action.  Every persons and family on the world can help to reduce CO2. First step for us is reduction plastics in our ordinary life and recycling.

To send unwanted items from your home to recycling you can order good house clearance team in London – We Clear Everything



October 2018


Recycling, while previously was just a process, now has become a whole industry which takes in the waste and belches out millions. But the problem arises when meeting the needs of industrial recycling because the waste products being produced have no one category or type. Waste includes each and everything including plastics, paper, metals, cardboard, organic materials and even all the stuff from the kitchen sink and your home cleaning or old children toys!

Whether you are an individual or a company, recycling of the waste needs special recycling equipment. This is the reason that the market for recycling equipment is increasing day by day and modernized equipment are being manufactured.

The recycling equipment has to be efficient, effective and maximum output producing because simply crushing the waste is not enough now! The recycling equipment has to turn it into something usable therefore it is getting harder to meet the challenges of this market. Still there are some specialized recycling equipment that play a vital role, these include:

  • Crushers:
  • Bag Openers:
  • Pulpers
  • Baling presses:
  • Shredders and chippers
  • Conveyor belts

Recycling equipment can be found in many stores around you and some even keep all the types of equipment in one place for the customer’s convenience.

The initiative of getting green energy to waste has helped the recycling equipment industry to flourish and spread worldwide.



August 2018

Benefits of using professional office clearing firms

Professional office clearers can usually clean your office quickly allowing you to settle into your new offices fast. If you require rubbish removal from your offices it can usually be done without interrupting your normal business activities and the minimum inconvenience to your staff. The use of professional office clearing firms has been steadily increasing as more and more businesses have been discovering the many advantages there are to using these services. If you are pressed for time and need your offices to be cleared quickly and effectively a clearance firm might just be the ideal solution for you. The service is reliable yet affordable and is much easier than trying to clear your own office. When choosing your next office clearing firm it is advisable to look for a firm that comes with many positive recommendations and reviews from previous clients. Some businesses work with highly sensitive and confidential data, it is especially important for these firms to use an office clearing firm that has a good reputation and can be trusted. Using a firm that doesn’t follow ethical principles when disposing of sensitive data can have grave consequences for your firm and its reputation. You will thank yourself for doing the necessary research before using a office clearing firm.

We would like recommend for you

office clearance london



A few advice before you will order house clearance service in London.

On a daily basis, wastes are generated from most of the activities taking place at home or in the office. These wastes from the kitchen and other parts of the house need to be cleared once in a while so as to keep the house in perfect shape and maintain a high level of personal hygiene. Nobody likes the waste to pill up at home and release bad odor into the environment which will endanger the lives of the entire community.

Coming across the right service provider for furniture disposal, house and office clearance most especially in major world cities like London can be a thing of a challenge for people who have little or no idea on how to go about the entire process.
Most often than not, the individual trying to obtain information about the best house clearance London, furniture disposal and office clearance can be overwhelmed or confused by the several numbers of results popping up after the search. After identifying these setbacks, we have decided to put together this article to serve as your guide to choosing the best house clearance service in London.

When it comes to choosing the right house and office clearance London, we suggest you take the following into cognizance;

  • Reputation:

The best house clearance and furniture disposal London must come highly recommended. Only engage the services of companies whose integrity you are sure of. You can carry out a mini research concerning the customer reviews about the particular company or ask friends to recommend the services of a house clearance agency they have used recently.

  • License:

Before engaging the services of a house clearance service provider, take the pains of varying if the company is licensed with the local authorities or not. It is important to know if the company is licensed to work in your locality. Engaging the services of unlicensed house clearance companies can be very dangerous. Place a call to the local licensing board to inquire about the company you are about to employ.

  • Experience and equipment:

During House clearance, the experience of the company should not be taken for granted. Carry out an intensive research into the company to know if they have all the necessary equipment to take care of the problem at hand. The more experienced the house clearance agency is, the better the service you are likely to receive. Make sure the company has the facilities to recycle 90% of the waste to be collected.

  • Category of waste:

The category of the waste to be handled determines the best house clearance services to be engaged.

If you are looking for the best house clearance company in London, we suggest you put a call across to us, we will be glad to assist you in clearing that waste off your home and office. Our team of experts has been in the business long enough to understand the best way to handle and recycle your wastes. Call us today to get your house, office cleaned or that worn out furniture taken care of appropriately.


house clearance london - we clear everything

May 2018

Every summer season most house holders and offices or businesses preparing to remove rubbish and unwanted items from their premises. Whether you are looking to clear your house or office, We Clear Everything will provide labour with a van to assist you to remove all your unwanted items.
We will provide all the necessary equipment to uplift items such as washing machine, cooker, dishwasher, microwave and other electrical appliances. We will remove furniture including wardrobes, sofa, dining tables and chairs, chest of drawers, couches and more other items are located in your house or offices.
So if you are looking for junk clearance in London call our customer services on 020 7164 6963.

Visit for more details of our fully licensed and insured professional house and office clearance service throughout London.


we clear everything


April 2018

Spring cleaning at home and in the garden with We Clear Everything

House, office and garden. These are the places in which we collect many things over time.
A house must be equipped with furniture because regular life would be impossible.
The office is full of furniture that is essential in working. Desks, chairs and wardrobes make working easier.
The space in the garden is filled up with distinct elements which are decorations and help it become look prettier.
We live and work there, so it’s normal that will growing up a stock of unwanted items and from time to time our house must face the issue of clearance service.
Over time, some elements of the house or office become dispensable. What should we do in such cases and how to throw them out not breaking the binding laws?
If you are looking for a good answer for this question you should contact and order house clearance service from a reliable company. In London we would like invite you to contact with We Clear Everything.

We provide the highest quality and eco friendly house clearance and office clearance services in every district of London.
From many years we provide our services and we have group of permanent customers who appreciate our good job and they can give good reference for us.
Everyone know that a house clearance is not an easy thing for family members and better give this job for professionals like we are. Especiall if there a lot of rooms and furniture.
A professional service of house clearance is offered by numerous companies in London but we invite You to call us and order a true professionals.
For further details call 020 7164 6963 or visit our website 


We Clear Everything truck 


Recommended house clearance team in London 

We Clear Everything

  • Each customer we treat with utmost respect and confidentiality
  • We are licensed
  • We are Insured
  • We are D.B.S checked
  • We are fully Uniformed
  • We do not have any extra charges for anything guaranteed
  • All items we take away will be disposed of legally logo


Recycling Tips For Your Home

Reducing Rubbish

  • use own shopping bags
  • buy concentrated products that use less packaging
  • use products that can be replaced


  • old computers, TV’s, radio, old clothes and books donate to local community projects or charity shops.


  • segregate items like glass, plastic, tetra paks, aluminium cans, batery etc.
  • house clearance for your house order from eco friendly company who give to recycling more than 90 % items


March 2018

NEW EPC requirements from April 2018

The government has made a change to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations and it is more than likely to affect both owner and your tenants. From the 1st April 2018, most landlords will be legally obligated to ensure that their privately rented properties have a minimum EPC rating of E.
This means that any landlord with an EPC rating of F or G will have to make modifications to their properties in order to raise their rating. if they fail to do so they run
If house will not have that minimum rate E you risk to be sanctioned with a fixed penalty up to £4000.

More information about new EPC requirements can read on ministry of housing communities and local government website





Why we need data shredding

Answer to this question is that we need because the safe and secure disposal of documents is required by law.
Data Protection Act from 1998 specifies that if you work with documents containing the personal information
of individuals, you will have a legal obligation to protect that information.
Every kindof businesses handle confidential information and sensitive data, such as payroll details,
customer contracts, worker personal data and CVs and many another documents.
When these documents are no longer needed, it is time to dispose of them in a responsible way.
The best way to do it is shredding services from a professional shredding company.
To protect your customers and staff documents and keep their information secure you must choose a professional paper shredding service.
Every shredding agencys are very flexible and offer their service even at your office in comfortable time for you.
Data protection is very importent and this service you should order only from tested agency.

data shredding london


Happy New Year 2018 from We Clear Everything

January 2018

What to do in London this January ?

  • Theatrical troupe Cirque du Soleil returns to London (Royal Albert Hall) 7-11 January
  • London International Mime Festival – 10 January – 3 February
  • London Boat Show  10-14 January
  • London Short Film Festival   12-21 January
  • Winter Lights Festival   16-27 January
  • London Art Fair    17-21 January
  • London A Cappella Festival   24-27 January
  • Vault Festival   24 January – 18 March
  • Lumiere London – spectacular light installations 18-21 January



We Clear Everything from  this January will provide new service



December 2017 

December is the best month to visit London with lots of festivals and to celebrate Christmas and New Year in capitol.

Main point of the holiday season in London is Trafalgar Square with the biggest capital’s Christmas tree.
Another famous December events in London

  • Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – ice skating 17 December – 01 January
  • Southbank Centre’s Wintertime Festivalal 10 November-4 January
  • The Greenwich Wintertime Festival 1-31 December
  • Christmas in Leicester Square 10 Nov-7 Jan
  • Christmas at Kew – festival 22 Nov-1 Jan
  • and Magical Lantern Festival in Chiswick Gardens 24 Nov-1 Jan

More our recommendation how to spend Christmas in London
  • Meet the Reindeer at Covent Garden – Real life reindeer are brought to Covent Garden every year for visitor’s to see.
  • Trafalgar Square Caroling – Listen to Christmas caroling in Trafalgar Square between 4 pm and 8 pm on weekdays and between 2 pm and 6 pm on weekends.
  • Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace – you must see it.
  • See the Christmas Lights in London – This season as every year many beautiful Christmas lights all over London. Particularly along the shopping streets of Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street and Bond Street and Covent Garden.
  • Celebrate New Years Eve in London – London is one of the best cities in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Let’s come and enjoy fun events, fantastic fireworks and wonderful music and dancing.


November 2017


Barnes is a small Thames-side village in London and touch Richmond. This village is great for relaxing by the river, listening birds and discovering excellent local restaurants and boutiques.
Barnes village has a local grocers, delis, a bookshop and boutiques.
When you will hungry you have chance to visit some very fine restaurants.
Barnes is also the home for famous music studios: The Olympic Sound Studios. Many famous artists recorded tracks here, including the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.
In Barnes you can stay close to nature and enjoy that you have chance to spend your day like in true village.
We Clear Everything team who everyday pass many miles trough London wuld like recommend you to visit this small London’s village and stay here longer to enjoy this beautifull natural world.
To Barnes you can come by train or bus, even from airport.

November events in London we recommend

  • Bonfire Night fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night in November. 3-5 Nov
  • London Jazz Festival. Enjoy jazz music in grand concert halls and intimate clubs across London
    10-19 November
  • Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday events and services in London. Dedicated those who fell during the wars. 11-12 Novwmber
  • Nitto ATP Finals. The tennis world’s greatest singles players and doubles teams. 12-19 November
  • Revolution Cycling Champions League – a variety of cycling races. 25 November
  • Christmas at Kew. Twinkling lights and illuminated displays in the beautiful Kew Gardens from 22 November
  • Christmas markets, outdoor ice skating rinks, festive shows and seasonal Christmas things to do in London in November

Top Christmas markets in London 

As every year in last days of November open many Christmas Markets in London.

We would like recommend you a few from list below.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts check out these places.

  • Christmas market at Southbank Centre
  •  Christmas By The River at London Bridge City
  • Leicester Square Christmas market
  • Greenwich Market at Christmas
  • Kingston Christmas Market
  • Winterfest market at Crystal Palace Park

Discover Christmas fairs in London with our recommendation.

October 2017

October events in London we recommend

– traditional Oktoberfest from Germany, featuring singing, dancing, Bratwurst sausages and plenty of German beer in Greenwich. 5-22 October 2017
October’s Museums at Night. Explore history, art and heritage after dark in museums and galleries across the London . 26-28 October 2017
– The 61st annual BFI London Film Festival – the best new British and international films. One of the world’s top film festivals, the BFI London Film Festival (LFF).
– the World Taekwondo Grand Prix and World Para Taekwondo Championships – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 19-22 OctOBER 2017
Africa on the Square and Diwali Festival in Trafalgar Square. 14 and 15 OctOBER 2017
Halloween 2017 in London – the dark secrets and gory history of London with The Ghost Bus Tours or a Tales of Plague guided walk and many others Halloween activity


Greater London


During our house clearance work in London we have to pass many miles around London and see many interesting areas. This Autumn so beautiful look Richmond.
Richmond upon Thames a part of London . Londoners call Richmond a jewel in London’s crown. Richmond is probably London’s most attractive borough for tourist.
Richmond-upon-Thames is located south of the Thames in the western quadrant of the city. In this district we can ride some lovely riverside scenery. Especially in Autumn Richmond look so colorful and invite us to rest here in Richomnd Park.
Most famous places in Richmond borough: Richmond Park, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Isabella Plantation and Museum of Richmond. If you have free time don’t miss your chance to see Richmond.

Us we know and see, Richmond peoples and city hall pay big attention to keep all site to be clean and friendly for tourist.
Richmond have over 100 small recycling sites across the borough.
The borough’s main waste recycling centre is the Townmead Road Re-use and Recycling Centre in Kew. We Clear Everything team use service from this recycling centre too.



Global atmospheric CO2 levels

Global atmospheric CO2 levels hit record high in 2016 again.
United Nations warns gouvernaments that drastic action is needed to meet climate targets set in the Paris agreement because last year atmospheric CO2 levels grove up to hit a level not seen for more than three million years, the UN has warned.

The new report has raised alarm among scientists and prompted calls for nations to consider more drastic emissions reductions.

“Globally averaged concentrations of CO2 reached 403.3 ppm in 2016, up from 400.00 ppm in 2015 because of a combination of human activities and a strong El Niño event.”

This acceleration occurred despite a slowdown – and perhaps even a plateauing – of emissions because El Niño intensified droughts and weakened the ability of vegetation to absorb carbon dioxide. As the planet warms, El Niños are expected to become more frequent.

The World Meteorological Organisation predicted 2017 will again break records for concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane, but the growth rate will not be as fast because there is no El Niño effect.
If you care about our planet you should remeber that even your activity decide about our climat. So, if you have some some rubbish and some waste never burn them in not controled way but order professional house clearance or waste removal to solve this your problem. You should remeber that professional house clearance services they are licensed and they use only licensed recycling sites. Future our planet Earth in every small hands, in yours hands too. If you are living in London we would like recommend you professional house clearance in London from We Clear Everything team. logo