Climate change and ways to reduce plastic

The effects of climate change we see every year more and more.
Now we have to take a decision, what we can change in our style of life to reduce negative effects of climate for our life.
If we will late with this decision can be too late for us.
What we are currently experiencing in our daily lives.
Rising temperatures
Changing sea levels and temperatures of water
Extreme weather – big storms, drought, floods, tornado, cyclones and another extremes.
What we can to do in this situation?
First of all we can reduce our consumption and in our every day’s style of life. We can eliminate or reduce plastic from our life, this is the first step. To do it we don’t need to pay any costs, just only think before we buy something.
Everyday while our work we see kilograms unnecessary plastics.
What we can to do to reduce plastic in our life?

We want to present some ways to reduce plastic in our daily lives.
1. Use only multi-use bags made of bio-degradable materials
2. Opt out of disposable plastic cutlery.
3. Do not buy any disposable straws.
4. Give up plastic cups for tea and coffee
5. Do not buy vegetables and fruits packed in plastic bags. Use own multi use bag.
6. Do not buy liquid soap in a plastic container
7. Do not use plastic containers. Replace them with glass containers
8. Use a reusable bottle. Do not buy water in small plastic bottles.
9. Use rubbish bags made of biodegradable materials

Do not wait until tomorrow, but start today.