How to find the right house clearance service

House clearance industry these days is full of many companies, and it’s difficult to decide which one is best for you.

That’s why always check the following aspects:

  • how long the company exist on the market, it’s always better to go with well established and experienced company
  • do they offer free quote just over the phone, or they visit your property (some companies even offer video surveys)
  • what sort of payments does the house clearance service accept (common payment methods include cash, cheques, bank transfer)
  • if the service has a valid licence for waste disposal and is registered with the Environment Agency (it’s required by law), it’s also worth to check if they have a licence for hazard items
  • do they have insurance (in case of any accidents)
  • find out about their complaints policy
  • what sort of vehicle they are using
  • how long will it take the company to finish the process of clearance
  • does the company offer part house clearance or only full house clearance
  • how many per cent from clearance goes to recycling
  • do the company cooperate with local charities

While looking for the right company start by narrowing down the list to your closest area and then compare all other options.

Another good idea is checking comparison sites and the customers reviews.

Once you have chosen your clearance company it is helpful to send them a brief list that contain specific information about items in your house. For example if you have any big wardrobes or large furniture that may need to be dismantled, very heavy or difficult to move things etc.

Clearance and small scale removals

As you are checking house clearance services you may notice that many of the companies also offer small scale removal services.

Most removal services help individuals and companies to transport their belongings when moving to a new property. The prices are tailored specially to clients needs.

The most common service supplies you with a removal van with a crew and includes travelling. Some of them offer extra services such as packing, dismantle and assembling furniture and even storage.

Whether you are looking for house clearance or removal company always check the most important aspects for you, it’s not only the attractive price and quick service that matter the most. Quality, experience and reliable service is what you need!

The best house clearance service will provide you with a complete piece of mind as well as reduce stress and take away the hassle that house clearances can cause.

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