We Clear Everything – FAQ

London is a place where thousands of people in every month go to rent a new flat. To ensure that they have the perfect prepared flats, Landlords work hard to keep their property ready for rent.
If you’re a landlord, you’ll have to make your flat ready for the new occupants and to do it we recommend you to hire a professional house and office clearance service from London.
We recommend our House and Office Clearance Ltd company.

Why should You use a professional house and office clearance service?

You should use a highly professional, reliable, and swift service that is very competitive on price, fully licensed, insured and compliant with UK legislation.
You may also appreciate a professional’s commitment to delivering the most environmentally friendly clearance.

How we work out the price for a house clearance?

There are some factors that influence the cost.
1. The number of worker we require to do this work
2. The cost of disposal and recycling of the items cleared.
3. The resale value of the items to be cleared.
There should be no hidden extra costs.

What sort of furniture and effects have a value?

Antiques, art, high quality designer furniture are the items that have enough resale value to offset against the costs of clearance.

What happens to the items once removed?

We are doing our best to ensure everything that can be reused and recycled is reused and recycled.

Does our house clearance company clear ordinary rubbish as well as furniture?

We will take out all general domestic and office waste, including rubbish, fridges, tyres, furniture, paper, etc.

Is there anything we can’t clear?

We cannot clear hazardous materials such as paint, chemicals, solvents, medical waste and asbestos.

You have to be at the property whilst the work is done?

No. No need to stay at home if you give us access to your property. If you do not stay at home it is important to know in writing if anything is not to be removed.

Are we licensed and insured house clearance company?

Yes, we are fully insured to carry out all the aspects of house and office clearance services, and we are also licensed by the Environment Agency.

Would your company clean the property once it has been cleared?

As standard practice we will generally clean the property. However, if you will request us to do more spotless, then we can take subcontractors.