How to reduce the amount of household rubbish?

In recent years, the statistical European has been producing more and more rubbish. In this way, man contributes to the degradation of the natural environment and the greenhouse effect, which causes climate change and cataclysms that affect us.
Can this process be stopped, slowed down and even reversed?
Yes, the way to reduce environmental pollution by waste is segregation and recycling. We should start limiting the amount of rubbish produced individually, from our home, ourselves and our family.


First, when going to the store, let’s take reusable bags with us, we will not have to use disposable plastic bags offered in stores.
When buying chemical products for the home, choose those in larger, economical packaging. They will last longer and will help reduce the number of packages that reach the bin.
When buying cosmetics, pay attention not to choose products that have been packed repeatedly, e.g. a tube with toothpaste additionally placed in a box.
When buying vegetables and fruits, do not buy items placed in trays, in plastic or foil containers.
Drinks, let’s choose those in glass bottles. Glass bottles can be used many times, while plastic bottles are disposable.
If possible, choose to package made from recycled material.

Disposable items

Complete resignation from single-use items is impossible, but let’s try to limit their use.
Disposable tableware, pens, razors, lighters and napkins are comfortable, but they cause a rapid increase in rubbish around us.
One reusable item can replace several dozen or several hundred disposables.


We pay attention to the quality of purchased products, this applies to industrial products, clothing and footwear. These products are more expensive, but they will last longer. When considering the quality issue, it is worth paying attention to the service life of the products. When thinking about particularly harmful waste, remember about medicines. Do not buy medicine “in stock”, because they have a rather short shelf life and may end up in the bin because of expiry.


According to a UN report, more than a billion tons of food are wasted worldwide every year.
Why is this happening? The main reasons for this phenomenon are too large one-time purchases, which means that we lose the sense of our needs. Another reason is the lack of control of shelf life and improper storage of food.
Most often we waste bread, sausages, vegetables, cheese, meat and dairy products. To reduce the amount of food wasted, all you have to do is plan shopping and control the current needs of your family.
Let’s also try not to buy food for storage and promotion.


In every home, we do a thorough cleaning from time to time and this often involves a review of clothes, books and toys.
In this situation, do not throw unnecessary things to the rubbish, but if they are suitable for further use, let us give them to a charity. In this way we will give them another life and take care of the natural environment.

Planning and controlling the needs and purchases for the family is the most important factor that allows us to reduce the amount of household waste.