TV set’s removal by the experts

Every month in London a lot of peoples trading up TV set, and always they stay with question what to do with old TV.
Old or new generation TV but always its big, dusty and heavy hard to move somewhere.
At We Clear Everything our experts have good knowledge and experience what to do with the old or new generation TV set.
We know how to dispose of your old TV set to recycling.
Televisions and monitors are one of the most common items we find when we come to house clearance jobs in London.
Always we need to have a plan where to send your TV set to recycling.
Old televisions and computer monitors are hazardous waste by UK and EU regulations, and they must be professional recycled.
We Clear Everything co-work with recycling centres where all televisions and monitors undergo the most comprehensive recycling process.
What will happen there to your old TV receiver?
Experts from Recycling Center they know that every single part can be reused or recycled. The plastics are recycled into new products, main boards are smelted to recover valuable metals.
From cables are recovered copper and plastics.
The glass is treated with for reuse in Screens and Monitors.

TV Removal And Recycling is not so difficult if you order true experts who know where to send your old TV set.
At We Clear Everything we know well what to do with old TV set and monitors.
Simply contact us and our customer service will arrange a convenient time for you and us to come and collect your old TV receiver.
We Clear Everything provide TV disposal in line the UK and EU regulations.
In addition to TV removal we can also remove computers, printers and another electronic and electrical appliances.