How to organize mattress transport

Are you moving and need to transport the mattress?
You can do it safely on your own if you have a big car, or you can order professionals from the removals company.
The best way to transport a mattress always depends on its type and dimensions, but always remember that any type of mattress should not be bent during transport.

If you buy a new mattress, the store will deliver it to your home for an additional fee and the store will ensure its safe transport.

If you’re moving, there are ways to transport your mattress safely and efficiently. How to do it? Just remember these three points and your mattress will move to the new flat safely.
– ask someone for help to take the mattress to car due to the large dimensions of the mattress
– you should wrap the entire mattress with foil to protect it from damage and dirty in transit
– remember to transport the mattress flat

If you decide to use professionals you should remember that the price for transporting the mattress depends on the distance to be pierced.

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