Short guide for removals

Removals – a short guide

Most of us associate removals with stress, fatigue and mess. Unnecessarily.
Moving does not have to be stressful if we get to do it with an earlier prepared plan.
Here in this short text we would like to give you some tips on how to organize your removals in the least onerous way possible.
On start, you should remember that you have two choices.

Removal  with a moving company

Before you take this decision you should estimate how many things you have to take with you.
How much and what is the furniture, how many books and CDs (converted into cartons).
It can be estimated that over 20 medium-sized cartons are needed for a 2-room flat.
This information will be important not only when packing but also when valuing the move.
By the way, it’s worth cleaning up your belongings and deciding which ones to throw away and which ones to take to a new home.
If we use a moving company, all this information will be important to be able to choose the right car and the number of people to help with removals.
It may happen that an inaccurate or changed at the last minute list of things will cause great unpleasantness and additional costs. That’s why remember to pay big attention to give right information for removals agency.


Complete a set of cardboard boxes and plastic bags or use the ones provided by the moving company.
Currently, many companies have it in their offer. Everything possible can be packed in cartons, because it greatly facilitates not only the arrangement and organization of things, but also the transport itself.
Books and CDs should be packed in moderation. Too heavy cardboard may tear.
Electronic equipment and glass, e.g. dishes, must be additionally secured with bubble wrap. Carton with such items must also be additionally marked, e.g. “Attention glass!”
Pack the glass, porcelain, etc. separately. It’s best to wrap these things in bubble wrap or wrapping paper or newspapers.
Household appliances such as refrigerators or freezers must be thawed. From all this type of equipment it is necessary to remove moving parts: shelves, grilles, drawers. The equipment can be additionally secured with foil.
Plants are best transported in specially marked boxes with holes so that the flowers have something to breathe.
Large furniture must also be carefully secured: close the drawers, stick the keys to the correct furniture, remove all moving parts, e.g. glass shelves in the sideboard.
If you’re planning on transporting antiques, it’s best to choose a company that has experience in this. A specialist in this field will draw up a list of valuable things and will be responsible for their safety.
If you have non-standard furniture, e.g. a huge mirror or piano, let the transport company know about it.
You can cover the mirror with an “X” tape.

How to choose a moving company?

You can look for the right company in a classic way – by calling companies, sending emails, ask friends etc. You can also save yourself time and stress by placing an ad on gumtree.co.uk or other similar service and wait who will call to you.
If we prefer to organize and check everything ourselves, it is worth paying attention, first, to whether the company has a licence to conduct its activities and appropriate insurance.
The carrier is obliged to take out special liability insurance in transport. Protection usually includes liability for loss or damage to entrusted goods caused by the carrier.
If you are looking for a company to relocate internationally, it must also have additional liability insurance for the carrier in international traffic.
An additional advantage of the company will be the type of third party insurance and removal insurance, which provides protection even in the event of theft.

Help with moving things

When looking for the right company, it’s good to remember that a transport company is not the same as a removals company.
It is also necessary to indicate whether it is about the transport of goods (car with driver) or help with loading.
Efficient communication is the most important thing. On the customer’s side, this means: accurate description of the list of items to be transported and their expectations from the moving company, e.g. packing things, bringing things, etc. The valuation of a removal will be valid addresses and dates of loading and unloading, how many people will be needed to help, etc. Very it is important to know if there is an elevator in the building. In addition to transport, it is worth having a moving company: disassembly / assembly of furniture as well as loading and unloading of property.


Some companies apply an hourly rate, some at a kilometre rate.
Important: Check you have to pay for the return route of the car or not. Some companies ask about that.
Good luck! 


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