How to prepare the fridge for transport

The first thing you need to do is empty the device with food and other products.
Check if the fridge and freezer are empty. If the refrigerator is empty, it can be disconnected from the power source and the cable rolled up and taped with tape so that no trouble spreads out during removal. Remove the shelves from the refrigerator will make it lighter and easier to use it.

All moving parts in the refrigerator are glass or made of plastic, and you should care how to pack them.
Therefore, the packaging company uses special blankets and foil to pack them for more precise protection.
Important is that you need to defrost and dry the fridge before transport.
The final element of preparing the refrigerator for transport is secured by the door against opening. The transport company that we rent will secure the fridge door with the help of transport belts.

Transporting the fridge

Professional transport services will use of transport carts to transport refrigerators safely.
Using the truck minimizes the risk of refrigerant leaking from the unit. The car that will transport our fridge must be equipped with a lift so,
The fridge must be packed into the car in an upright position.
Each delivery van or truck is equipped with special belts that can be used to secure the transported refrigerator.

When your refrigerator will at new home you should remember not to turn on the fridge immediately after unloading. The fridge need 2-3 hours to stabilize the operating fluids.

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