Organic Gardening – A Few Tips

Organic vegetable gardening is easy to start and easy to continue pass summer season. Everyone can try this kind of gardening.
In this short text, I will give you few information how to start organic vegetable gardening and will give you some tips to use in your garden.

General plan for organic garden

On the start of season and start of your adventure with organic vegetables, you have to take decision what you want to grow. There are many vegetables to choose to organic gardening, but you must remember to choose only that vegetables which can grow in our climate.

As first step, you should choose those vegetables that are well adapted to the soil, temperature, sun and shade exposure in your area. Choose to plant vegetables which can withstand dry weather.

Space for vegetables

In the second step, you should determine how much space you have for organic plants, and mark this area in your garden.

Rubbish in the garden

Go to look around your garden and if you will find big stock of rubbish, materials, old plastic and papers from last gardening season, you should hire a team from garden clearance company to realize this job, because they will know where to send the rubbish from garden.

To use professionals will give you profit, that you will not lose time because garden clearance workers have equipment to realize your order. To get good service to garden clearance I’d like to recommend for you a local house clearance service, they have experience about rubbish from home and garden.

Organic material

Take to your garden an organic material for vegetable plants.
You should mulch your vegetables with organic material, this material you can get from food waste, dead leaves and old grass. This helps you adds humus and nutrients in soil.


To mix compost with soil, no need to dig deep because 85% of the vegetable’s roots are found in the top 6 inches of soil.
Together with compost, you can use natural fertilizers.
To make own compost, I recommend for you to keep earthworms that are natural soil tillers.

Pests in the garden

In organic garden, to get rid of pests, you should use other insects, worms, birds and frogs to fight with pests.

Planting of vegetables

When planting vegetables, plant many kinds because this invites insects to take up resident in your garden or yard. 98% percent of the insects in the world are beneficial for you and your garden.
They pollinate the plants and decompose organic matter in the garden.


Regularly remove weeds that come out in your garden, weeds pull out by hand or spot spray it with a household vinegar, because vinegar is safe for the environment.

If you follow these few tips about organic gardening, you will surely be able to have a true successful organic vegetable garden.

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