What To Consider When Choosing The Removal Company

Moving house is stressful. To make this time more bearable for yourself, consider a few things before you will decide on the right removal company.

First of all, the company must have insurance. You don’t want to risk your valuables getting damaged during transit without any compensation.

Next, ask if your chosen company has a licence from relevant authorities proving their expertise. Most removal companies are members of The British Association of Removers (BAR). Look for their BAR certificate on the website.

Another important aspect is their reputation on the market. Try to ask friends and family for any recommendations for removal companies.

When choosing professionals for the job ask a couple of them for the cost of the job, and don’t forget for the estimates to be broken down into details so that you will know what are you paying for exactly. It is worth negotiating if you won’t need all their services. They often offer lots of other services with added cost. It can be assembling/disassembling furniture, packing/unpacking, providing packaging materials, house clearance, buy/sell second-hand furniture and appliances, storage options.

Don’t forget to describe to them how the area looks like where you need them so that they can use an appropriate car. Some streets can have little space for unloading directly in front of the house or big lorries won’t be able to even park there without special permission from the local council.

Once you have all the information needed it will be easier to choose the right removal company. On the big day take it off from work, so nothing will distract you.

Remember that preparation is the key to a smooth and less stressful moving day.

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