How We Can Reduce Global Warming

We people are living today in the Global Warming period, and we experience effects of global warming very often
That effects are really drastically in last years.
Last years report show that level of ice on North and South Pole going down and level of oceans growing up.

Fires in Australia and many other places in the world, floods, cyclones and hurricanes are destroying the natural environment.
Huge worldwide alarm for people should force us force to be active to stop global warming. Families and local community also have important duties to realize in front of fighting with climate changing.
Scientists teach us that everyone can do something for the environment and try to reduce warming effects.

If you also want to put own contribution in reducing of global warming you should remember about those points:
• reduce all household rubbish
• send to recycle everything what possible to recycle, for example old newspapers, plastic, metals and glass. To do it effective you should co-work with your local house clearance company
• reuse every thing what can be reused at household and buy only things which can be reused
• reduce the use of air conditioning and heat
• add good insulation to your walls and windows to keep the temperatures
• reduce use of car, use public transportation
• use only fuel efficient car
• use alternative fuels like biofuel or electricity
• often buy energy efficient products
• use only new generation bulbs in lamps
• don’t buy and don’t use plastic bags
• always switch off all not necessary electric devices at your home
• be an active person to local environment actions, for example plant trees

Remembering these advices, you will contribute to reducing global warming.
Good luck!



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