How to Safely Clear a House in London: Tips on Removing Clutter and Personal Belongings

Moving house can be an overwhelming feeling; packing boxes, finding a removal company and getting rid of unwanted items can be stressful to say the least. If you’re preparing to clear a house in London, you may be feeling the pressure more so than other, as the city is known for its lack of space and expensive storage solutions. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help you get it done in an efficient and cost-effective manner. From proper preparation to getting the right clearance companies on board – here’s our top advice on removing clutter and personal belongings from a house in London.

Get Organised

The last thing that you need is a pile of belongings at the end of the removal process, which are just as much of a headache to move as they were when they were in an organised state. This is why it is important to be as organised as possible when removing items from the house. Make sure that all boxes are labelled correctly, go room by room to ensure that nothing is left behind, and make use of items like vacuum bags to get more in the boxes than before. Also, try and make sorting and cleaning part of the moving process. There is no better feeling than coming back to a sparkling clean, organised house after the removal takes place.

Declutter Before Removals

Let’s face it – for most of us, our houses can become very cluttered with old belongings and items. Before the removal company even sets foot in the house, make sure you take the time to really patrol the property and have a good declutter. This can be done in the weeks or months before moving, but make sure that come moving day you have a good idea of what belongs and what doesn’t. Don’t be overwhelmed by it all, start at the top and work your way down, cupboard by cupboard. Having decided on everything that will leave the house, be sure to plan ahead with the removal company you choose in terms of access and materials needed.

Secure Goods Before Moving

Once you’ve decluttered the property and are ready for the removals team, it’s important to secure any fragile goods that you plan to move. This means wrapping them in bubble wrap and card, utilising the space in the boxes to the best effect and making sure that they are safely loaded onto the van. If the removals request it, you can use a professional packaging service, but unless you have very valuable or delicate items, this may not be necessary.

On the Day

On the day of the move it is important that you direct the removal teams to where you want them to start – this could be the basement, attic or even the garage. Make sure that you also allocate an area where all of the boxes should be placed in the new house, as well as informing the team if any of the items won’t fit through the door and should be left outside. Depending on the items you are moving, it would also be beneficial to insure yourself against any possible damage – ask the removal company about this option and make sure to enquire about any hidden extras.

This guide should help you when it comes to removing clutter and personal belongings from a house in London. Getting organised and prepared well in advance of the move is essential, as it really sets a good foundation which can make or break the smoothest of transitions. Get in touch with a professional removals company today and find out more about their services in the capital.