House Clearance Checklist for London: What to Do After a House Clearance in London

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re leaving a place where you’ve lived for many years. After all of the packing and carrying and traveling involved, the last step comes with what to do after the house clearance in London.

It’s important to create a checklist for yourself and be aware of what to do in the hours, days, and weeks afterward. This will ensure you’ve left everything in the property in a good condition and that you can move onto your next chapter with ease.

General Cleaning

Before you officially leave your London property, you’ll need to do some general cleaning. Any necessary repairs should also be noted. Be sure to sweep floors, dust shelves, clear debris, and take out all of your trash.

Windows and mirrors should also be wiped down, and all furniture items should be spick and span. Go room by room and be sure to cover all nooks and crannies. These general cleaning tasks should be completed regardless of if you’re renting the property you’re leaving or if you’ve sold the property.

Leave Keys and Make Payments

If you’re going through the process of moving out of a rented property, then you’ll need to collect all of your keys and return them to whoever you’d paid rent to. Leave them on the counter and make sure you provide your landlord with a forwarded address to send the deposit for when you move out.

Follow up with your landlord approximately two weeks after you’ve moved and ensure they’ve received all payments and credentials.

On the other hand, if you’ve sold the property, then you’ll need to check the transfer process has been completed and that the solicitors have received all your documents.

Check Utility Bills Before You Go

You should ensure that all of the utility bills have been settled. Check if they’ve been paid in full or if there are some remaining payments to be made.

Check with local providers such as electricity, water and gas companies to see if you need to set up any of these services in the new home. Additionally, confirm the post office will forward any letters to the new address and notify banks, insurers, and credit card companies of the address change.

Inventory of Possessions

Leaving behind some of your possessions is inevitable when you’re moving house, especially if you’re moving interstate. Fortunately, you can make the disposal process a bit easier by creating an inventory of the items that you want to keep and what to do with the rest.

To practice safe disposal, you may wish to hire professional house clearance services to take away some of the load. A house clearance company can help you to declutter the property quickly and efficiently and dispose of all your unwanted items.

Hire a Professional Services to Move In the New Place

The final step after the house clearance in London is to hire a professional removal service to relocate your items to the new property.

There are many companies offering services such as Man with Van, full house moves, and even just assistance with lifting and carrying boxes. Having assistance from moving specialists can hugely reduce your stress levels, leaving you more time and energy to focus on your new destination.

Good luck with your house clearance in London!