Global Warming

From ten or more years many people in many countries feel unsure about the future. Their unsure feeling is about climate changing on the Earth.
Peoples are worried about Global Warming, Hurricanes, pollution and Earthquakes.
Among them are groups who are really angry but think reasonable and make deep analyse of global situation and try to change the present situation.

That group of peoples hope that still not too late to stop or reduce bad climate effect.
Every year we see that rising sea levels and Global Warming.

Why? Because of human action, industry and human who need more and more energy, Oil Industry and first of all growing up CO2 emissions. Every day, everyone rising global CO2 emission.

What can we do about this CO2 problem ?
Specialists and the media tells us and teach us what to do in this situation.

First we should make analyse what to do in our home to reduce CO2 emission.

  • Reducing using plastic in our life.
  • Segregating rubbish in our home.
  • To rubbish clearance from our home we should order only company who more than 90% rubbish send to recycling.
  • In every day of life we should pay big attention about using water.
  • Food and another products we should buy only as much as we really need.

No matter what happens we should do our best for climate and for next generations. Let’s all think about the future and our children before you throw rubbish or using water without limit, we only hurt our future when we do that. Now is a time to work with each other for climate.

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